Oddfellows Arms, The Gate, Malloys, Thirsty Camel, The Oddfellows

The Oddfellows Arms is shown on the 1876 O.S. map and became The Thirsty Camel in early 2000 before closure in 2004. Was previously Malloys and The Gate (1995, a cider pub). The Oddfellows opened in late October 2006.


Thirsty Camel

The Oddfellows

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Albert Terrace was constructed in the early 1840's and in 1845, the Oddfellows Fiendly Society were established in Exeter and met in this building. According to the sign on the current Oddfellows, the inn, the Oddfellows Arms, was first established in 1857.

The Exeter Flying post mentioned the inn on two occasions, William Nosworthy, the owner was married on 25th June 1862, sadly his wife died only 10 yerars later when his wife died on 14th August 1872.

Oddfellows Hall can be seen in Catherine Street.

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