The Star Inn, The Star Hotel, Franklin Hotel, The Walkabout

The Star Inn was around in 1680 and appears on Benjamin Donn's map of 1765 but not on the later OS map of 1876. Listed by Pigot (1823) as The Star Inn, Chas. Norton resident, however it is listed as The Star Hotel by Pigot (1844) at 100 Fore St and by White (1850) and Trewman (1850) at 109 Fore Street, Mary Taylor was resident on both occasions. Slater (1852) gives an address of 100 Fore Street.

In 1873, 100 Fore Street was a brewery or pub or both. Kelly notes William Preston resident in a brewing capacity. The Exeter Flying Post (14/7/1859) mention a sale at The Star, they also mention that by 29th February 1860, the building was an Ironmongers. In 1912, 109 Fore Street was an Ironmongers, Newcombe & Co.

However there are discrepancies in the addresses given in the earlier listings. See the link below.

Directory Listings.

The Star is also mentioned by Youings (1968) and was where a November dinner for the Weavers, Tuckers and Shearmen was held in 1804. The cost was 16.00 beside the contribution of the junior warden.

Come 1895, the premises were a shop, the Hampshire Furnishing Company (99/101 Fore Street). No. 99 Fore Street however does look like a more modern re-build and was obviously not part of the Star Inn or Hotel.

In 1906 Besley shows 101 Fore St to be the Franklin Hotel (temperance), H. Davey resident. By 1912, Evans, Gadd & Co., druggists and stationers inhabitted 97-100 Fore Street, with the Franklin Temperance Commercial and Family Hotel located in 101, John Holland proprietor.

1915, J & M Holland ran the Franklin Hotel at 101 Fore Street.

By 1919 however, the buiding as well as housing the hotel also housed the Franklin Picture Palace & Assembly Hall (prop. John Holland). This business however closed a few years later. Evans, Gadd & Co. were still next door at 99/100 Fore Street.

The 2 adverts below are from Kelly's directory of 1923.

The hotel is not listed after this date.

The Walkabout opened in these premises, 99 to 101 Fore Street around 1997, prior to which the building(s) had been inhabited by The Remnant Shop (Bray 1981, 1986).

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